Recent Short Writings

“Where do we Learn that Poverty is Shameful and Dangerous? At the Movies.” Washington Post (August 23, 2017).

“Laziness isn’t why People are Poor. And iPhones aren’t why they Lack Health Care.” Washington Post (March 8, 2017).

“The Poverty of American Film.” OUPblog (February 25, 2017)

“Sooner or Later, Most of Us Will Be Poor and on Welfare.” Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity. Washington, D.C.: Center for Law and Social Policy (August 12, 2015).

“Is Rising Inequality Slowly Poisoning our Democracy?” Zócalo Public Square  (April 2015)

“Thirteen Lessons from Fifty Years of Anti-Poverty Policy and Research,” Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal (Spring 2015)

“The Hard Work of Poverty: On Linda Tirado’s Hand to Mouth,” TalkPoverty (October 2014)

“The Poverty of Relentless Disappointment: Rich Hill and a Vanishing American Dream,” Moyers & Company (August 2014)

“The Three False Premises of the Ryan Poverty Plan,” TalkPoverty (July 2014)

“Why Big Business Loves Desperate Workers,” Moyers & Company (July 2014)

“Generational Poverty is the Exception, Not the Rule,” Moyers & Company (June 2014)


Selected Journal Articles

Welfare Reform at 15 and the State of Policy Analysis,” Social Work

The Barricades and the Ivory Tower,” Review of Radical Political Economics

Why No Fire this Time? From the Mass Strike to No Strike,” New Labor Forum

An African American Welfare State” New Political Science

Toward a New Welfare History,” Journal of Policy History